Wednesday 21 October 2015

Mapping the price of a pint

The regional cost of beer is doing the rounds this week -- anyone know why? The following intriguing infographic (I guess this means infographics are still ├╝ber-trendy, then) just turned up in my email.

Its main sources appear to be a seven-week old press release for the Good Pub Guide 2016 (which also appears to be the source of a slightly naff video posted yesterday on the Evening Standard website) and data from which I'm not wholly convinced by, not least because it has two different prices for Bruges/Brugge and three very different ones for Brussels, which suggests a shortage of editing or moderation.

I'm also unsure why it was published by an apartment rental firm! But as I said at the top it's intriguing, and it is properly referenced. So I offer it here, with caveats, for your interest...


  1. I hardly think the entries in the Good Pub Guide can be regarded as covering a representative spread of British beer prices.

    1. Heh! I did say it was offered with caveats...I know what you mean - they did do a survey though, and a tolerably comprehensive one. There are some oddities - eg. my experience of Cornwall is of near-London prices, but maybe there's local locals that're cheaper.