Tuesday 2 August 2011

Ready for take-off

If you've been watching our live webcam you'll know we are pretty much there now. The bars are all up and ready to go, and the food stalls and other stands are just adding their final touches.

I stopped by the Edwards bar (B8) to check out the range of bottled real ale, which is bigger this year than ever. Bar manager Hannah Pettifer says it widens every year, with the whole variety of ales now being bottled as 'real', not just the traditional strong ales and barley wines - although there are plenty of those on sale here too.

"We do have one expensive one, at just over £10 - Thornbridge Bracia at 10%," Hannah says, "but apart from that they are all £2 to £4."

She adds that if there is a theme emerging this year, it is ginger, with several spicy ales among the 80-plus on offer, including a Ginger Stout from bar sponsor Hop Back.

* All the bars this year are named after medical pioneers - this one is named for the British co-developer of IVF, Dr Robert Edwards. You might be amused to know that this even extends to the staff bars, which are named for Doctors Frankenstein and Jekyll...

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