Saturday 23 March 2013

World's oldest preserved beer to be recreated at last

Another year, another press release following the 2010 discovery of "the world's oldest preserved beer" in a shipwreck off the Åland Islands in the Baltic. In 2011, it was sending the beer off for analysis at Finland's VTT Technical Research Centre - here's the report I wrote on it then. In 2012, it was the release of their findings, which I covered here on the blog.

Now it is the news - well, it is more of a confirmation than news, given it submitted a request to do the brew right back at the start in 2010 - that local brewer Stallhagen is to try replicating the beer, and hopes to have something in production by June 2014

Stallhagen is also the only microbrewery on Åland - indeed, it may be the only commercial brewer of any kind on the islands. Anyone who knows a bit about the economics and politics of Åland, which are somewhat local, to say the least, will be entirely unsurprised that the project has gone there rather than to a mainland brewery!

It's a fascinating project though, and I look forward to trying the results - especially as a portion of the profits will be going to local marine-oriented charities.

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