Saturday 8 June 2013

Beer for BBQs - decisions, decisions.

I've just been told that not only are we going to two barbeques this afternoon, but both sets of hosts are expecting me to bring along 'interesting' beer. Argh!

I'm now trying to think which of the local shops to hit - this would be an ideal reason to visit Bierland and/or the new Craft Beer Store in Hamburg, but that would mean a two to three hour expedition, and there isn't time.

Thinking helmet on, then... It's going to have to be German, because the only foreign stuff in town is either very uninteresting (Guinness, Heineken, Tyskie) or rather expensive (Brewdog Punk IPA at €4 a bottle in the deli). Hmm, I suppose I do usually like a challenge!

So far I'm thinking maybe Ratsherrn Pale Ale, some of the Maisel & Friends stuff, and maybe a couple of the better dunkels. I'd take Schneider Weisse Tap 5 Hopfen-Weisse as well, except I've not seen it on sale around here. Oh, and there's still a few Maibocks around - maybe a tad strong for barbeque quaffing, but what the heck. OK, here goes!

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