Sunday 25 May 2014

Brewery honours for Kissingate & Twickenham

Congratulations to Kissingate Brewery and Twickenham Fine Ales. At Kissingate's Spring Festival yesterday, they were presented with three awards and four certificates between them.

Gary & Bunny from Kissingate, R&H branch chair Charles
I was there with Richmond & Hounslow CAMRA to see Kissingate head brewer Gary receive the Beer of the Festival certificate from our most recent Twickenham Beer & Cider Festival for its Six Crows stout.

However, our chairman had also been tasked with making a second award – the Silver in the London and South East regional Champion Beer of Britain golden ales category went to Twickenham Fine Ales for its Naked Ladies bitter.

Stuart & Gary accept the Nooksack award
Why was Twickenham's head brewer Stuart at Kissingate yesterday? Well, the two breweries collaborated a few months back on Nooksack American Pale Ale, and yesterday they also received a shared Beer of the Festival award for this from the recent Sussex Beer & Cider Festival.

And yes, it was a classic English spring day – scattered sun to start, then came a mighty rainstorm to wash everyone indoors and under cover (hence the awards being done in a jam-packed brewery tasting gallery, rather than out in the air), and finally more sun so the Morris dancers could at last do their stuff.

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