Monday 2 February 2015

What does 'local' mean to you?

A PR person contacted me today to promote “a client who specialise [sic] in locally brewed ales.” Mildly curious I investigated a little, only to find it's actually Marston's, wearing its Classic Ales hat...

Much as I respect Marston's – and yes I really do, as it produces some excellent beers and hasn't closed down pretty much every brewery it acquired, unlike say Greedy Ker-ching – it is not exactly my idea of 'local'. If I still lived in the West Midlands it would be different, but as it is I think its closest site would be Wychwood, some 60 miles away.

Ah well, they got their client mentioned here anyway, so well done. (-:

*As CAMRA notes on its LocAle page, "The Sustainable Communities Act, which CAMRA strongly supports, provides a definition of local as up to 30 miles from the point of sale."

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