Thursday 2 May 2013

Going a-Viking, in reverse

We're in Denmark this week, it's sort of a holiday so we spent three days soaking up the early medieval atmosphere while living in a repro 9th century house at Ribe Viking Centre where the annual Spring market is underway. Now we're visiting friends just outside Copenhagen and assaulting their beer cellar - Martin has a large collection, large enough that I don't think we even made a dent in it last night with this little lot:

That's not all Danish (and there's two rows of bottles there!) but the variety and quality of modern Danish craft beer is astonishing. And there is still more to discover - today we've sampled Jacob's Chili-Lakrids øl, brewed on the island of Fyn at Refsvendinge, one of the few surviving Danish "farmhouse breweries", though these days its brewing kit is a bit more substantial than a farm one! And now it's a cloudy spicy Dubbel from Verdes Bryghus, called Sankt Jacobi - I sense a theme here...

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